"Bark Alert"
Book Review
By Sue Wolff*
Bark Alert, Basic Search Dog Training, created by Mary-Ann Warren; 153 pages, soft cover, ISBN 978-0-9867611-0-2
At the beginning of the book in the “About” section, it says that Mary Ann Warren “…has acknowledged that there are many individuals that train on their own without guidance. So she developed this step by step…field training workbook ….” This is a perfect description of the book and its purpose which it accomplishes very well.
This workbook explains inherent drives in the dog, how to select and brief a subject, what commands are needed by the dog, a K-9 reward system, bark alerts for both people and articles as well has how to read the dog.
Then it goes into training.
Because this book is soft cover and spiral bound, it is easy for the handler to carry and it fits in a cargo pants’ pocket. In that way it can be taken into the field keeping each training objective clearly in mind. It also allows the handler to immediately fill out the training log which follows each chapter.
In all, I found the book well written and very helpful. I think it can be easily understood by a novice and/or a beginning handler. Its purchase is well worth it for a person who has no training available locally.

*Sue Wolff is the Editor of the National Search Dog Alliance organization's newletter.
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