Homework Lesson sheets provided throughout each of the courses.
Certificate of Training at the conclusion of each course.

K9 Scent Work $160.00
This unique class teaches individuals the imprinting process of different scents to a dog then training them to locate the hidden scent. All essential oil training material and hard copy homework will be provided. 
(This is not Tracking)
K9 Scent work Advance Class $160.00
This class is teaching more about search and proofing the dogs alert. Lots of games and challenges to be had with prizes to be won.

Basic Tracking Dog $300.00
( 1/1/2 -2 hrs each week)
A basic tracking dog class designed to teach beginner dogs and handlers a motivated way of tracking human scent.

 Advanced Tracking Dog $280.00
course (2-3 hrs each week)
For those with a TD level dog or tracking dog experience. This course aimed at the CKC TDX level and higher. Urban and vegetation tracking.

See course date page for all new courses starting in the new year. 

All puppies under 5 months

This course is designed to give you the owner a better insight on your pup. Training includes but not limited to:
walk on, sit & down on command, go to bed, wait, and the all-important come when called. There is much more to this class with socialization both dog and human, lesson sheets etc. 

REHAB$150.00 5months and over
This unique course offers of obedience training. It is for those dogs that have had some obedience but it didn't stick. Work pertains to the sit on command, emergency stop, walking not pulling on, go to bed and where ever we see problem areas.

Rally Obedience $160.00
Whether training for a trial or just for fun Rally offers unique obedience exercises to challenge your dog.

This course is taking the beginning steps of off leash heeling, out of sight stays, out of sight recall and the emergency stop.

PRIVATE Training  with customized lessons offered

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