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Precision Search Dog holds various training seminars.
 From tracking to scent detection they are always fun and enlightening.

Precision Search Dog customizes seminars to suit you or your organization's needs.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting a seminar contact for further discussion on your customized event.

Sporting Scent Detection Education Seminar

A  1-day Education seminar to help you earn those Q's, understand the game and gain those titles.
For all levels
October 21, 2023
Parkland Village Community Center, #60 - 53222 RR 272
Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3N5

This seminar is aimed to help you work through problem areas, video's of you and your dog working, understanding the rules, what judges see, how to do a walk through and strengthen the alerts and commitment to source.
We will work outside as well as inside.



Limited working spots

Registration Form please click-

Registrations OPEN until October 18th.

$175.00 working spot
$75.00 1-extra dog 

$100.00 auditor

Lunch- lasagna, caesar salad, buns and drinks-$10.00

SDDA DOT Test included with working participant fee


Does your dog hunt and commit to odor?
Read the Dog
Do you recognize the differences in your dog when they are in odor or distractions?

Do you loose marks for your handling or does your handling cause you to fail?


Do you understand the sporting Rules?


Does your dog have a strong alert or any alert?

Search Strategy
Do you have a search plan when you enter the ring?
Is your dog distracted?



Friday TBA-Sunday 


Human Remains Detection workshop

3-day event

Scenario based training for those in the HRD search field.

Work the clues of the search. 

Practical work for all.

1 evening of night work.

Only those with HRD training and a independent alert will be accepted. 

10 participants with dogs only.

Morinville , Alberta

Registration Open

Contact for a registration package

Fee: $350.00

$50.00 discount for Provincially or American registered SAR Members.

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