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COMING SOON Train & Title
League Night

Each week you will train towards a c-wags title
In the following weeks you will be offered a chance to title in that level. 

No need to spend weekends at at trial.


All classes are designed for dog training, meaning positive and reinforcement. Puppy class for under 4 1/2 months 

(come, walk on leash, no touch, leave it, go to bed, safety wait plus more)

Manners for 4 months and up 

(come, walk on leash, sit, down, go to bed, leave it, wait plus more)

Basic Obedience for 5 months and up

A preliminary to the off leash class (heel on leash, find heel, stay, wait, recall)

Off Leash #1 must have basic obedience

 (off leash heel, out of sight stay,

recall, moving wait)

Off Leash #2

(all outdoors all off leash. Off leash heel, out of sight stay, recall , wait, leave it)


for over 6 months with basic obedience.

( ​A fun fast class of various obedience exercises to challenge the dog & handler)


A class for those that want a reliable fetch plus added bonus send away training


Scent Detection Basic 

(imprint of scent, alert training, containers, interior, exterior searching) Scent kit provided.

Scent Detection Intermediate

(containers, interior, exterior, trialing, challenges, proofing) 

Scent Detection Advance

For those that are interested in sporting scent detection and want challenging training to aid in gaining titles in CKC, CWAGS or SDDA. Or those just wanting more challenging fun.



BEGINNERS Tracking Dog

(foundation building, handler training, aging, distance)

URBAN Tracking Dog 

(hard surface, distance, age, multiple articles)

ADVANCE Tracking Dog

(TDX or Search & Rescue )


(UTD, UTDX or Search & Rescue)

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