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New for Precision Search Dog and MaryAnn Warren is offering private instruction. 
Whether it is to help with obedience, scent detection, tracking or any other trained skills, contact MaryAnn to see if she can help.

MaryAnn is also taking on individuals that need help with dog related issues such as reactivity.

How to start this process:

1. Fill out a registration and information form. Make sure you include:
1. Your dogs name

2. Your name and email address with phone number

3. Where you think your dog or you need work with your training or what your think your dogs issue is.

If your dog is a biter, please mention that as well.

MaryAnn will contact you once she receives this form and you will start the interview process.


Since everyone's needs are different a interview is a must to see if:

1. MaryAnn can help you. MaryAnn will only give you her honest opinion and if s​he can't help she will say so or direct you to the person who can.
2. Discuss what your options might be.

3. Set up a meet time.

MaryAnn is available during weekdays and some evenings with the occasional Saturday or Sunday evening


There is no cost for the telephone or email interview

For one on one training such obedience, scent detection, tracking etc.
Starting at $100.00 per hour
For one on one dealing with behavioral issues
Starting at $170.00 per session

Pricing discounts for multiple sessions can be discussed.

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